Reclaimed oak beams | 108987


Front size
14.00 cm
15.00 cm
430.00 cm
0.0903 m3
On request excl vat

Reclaimed oak beams

Before steel was introduced, oak was a widely used building material. Wonderful oak structures can still be found in old farmhouses, mansions and castles. Sadly some of these old buildings are being dismantled, but fortunately the resulting old oak beams can still be recovered quite well. Since we professionally remove the layer of dirt and the iron, we make these beams reusable, without affecting their authentic look.

These reclaimed oak beams in our collection are true works of art, each with its own unique story and unparalleled character. These beams are extremely suitable for use in restoration and renovation projects, but they certainly feel at home in new buildings as well. Some of these beams are up to a hundred years old. Because after all this time they still show no signs of decay, they can last at least as long. These antique beams are therefore not only an enhancement of your project, but also a valuable investment. Especially since oak is becoming an increasingly scarce product.